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Crested Fireback Pheasant

(lophura ignita)

    The nominate race of this group of pheasants is the Lesser Borneo Crested Fireback which comes from Java and Southern Borneo. This entire group is semitropical, requiring some heat to see them safely through winter. They are inclined to lay late, particularly in poor summer and they may respond well to artificial lighting to induce early laying. They are large bodied birds with incredible blue wattles on the cock birds, which become very prominent when the bird is excited. they come from the lowlands and hills of the Malay Peninsula up to the Thailand in the north and down to Sumatra at the southern part of its range.

Status In Captivity: Vulnerable

Full Adult Plumage: First Year

Egg Clutch Size: 4-8 Eggs

Incubation Periods: 24 Days

Feeding Habits: Standard pheasant diet, plus tidbits of fruit mealworms, etc