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        Emu, common name for any member of a genus of large, flightless birds. Excluding the ostrich, it is the largest of all birds, attaining a height of 6ft and a weight 130 lb. The wing of the Emu are mere rudiments hidden beneath the coarse, almost hair like feathers of the body. The plumage is dull brown, darker on the head, neck, and middle of the back, and lighter on the underside.

        The Emu inhabits open grassy plains and brush in Australia, where it feeds chiefly upon roots, fruits, and herbage. The bird is peaceful and timid and capable of running at considerable speed to elude attackers. It places its eggs, which are a dark green and about 4 inch's long, in a scooped-out hole in the ground. Incubation takes almost two months and is entirely by the male, which also assumes care of the chicks.


Status In Captivity: Good

Egg Clutch: 20 Eggs

Incubation Period: 8 weeks

Feeding Habits: Fruits, flowers, insects, seeds and green vegetation; love caterpillars. Ingest large stones into gizzard to aid grinding process. Need water daily.