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Grey Peacock Pheasant

(polyplectron bicalcaratum)

    The Grey Peacock Pheasant is often known as the Chinquis and is a really lovely aviary bird. They are by far the most modern in distribution of the peacock pheasant and are found in damp hills forests and gullies from Sikkim and Burma down northern Thailand and central Annam.

    The grey Peacock Pheasant is almost totally hardy although a good, dry shelter is advisable. They are delightfully friendly pheasant, constantly displaying regardless of people, and breed freely.


Status in Captivity: Good

Full Adult Plumage: First Year

Egg Clutch Size: 2 Eggs

Incubation Period: 22 Days

Feeding Habits: Normal pheasant diet plus peanuts, chopped fruit, seeds, mealworms, etc.