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Himalayan Monal Pheasant

(Lophophurus impeyanus)


            Only two of the three species of Monals, the Himalayan Monal and Chinese Monal, are represented in captivity, as far as is known at present and the Chinese Monal has only been in captivity for a short time.

        The Himalayan Monal, or Impeyan Pheasant, with its heavy body shape is very different from any of the other pheasant species. The brilliant metallic plumage of greens, blues, blacks, and purples more than compensate for its squat, heavy shape and long curved bill. The bill is designed for digging. As their name suggests, they come from the Himalayas, from eastern Afghanistan continuously through Pakistan, northern India, Nepal, and Bhutan to Southern Tibet.


Status In Captivity: Good

Full Adult Plumage: Second Year

Egg Clutch Size: 4-8 Eggs

Incubation Period: 28 Days

Feeding habits: Poultry Pellets and grain