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Lady Amherst Pheasant

( Chrysolophus amherstiae)


    The Lady Amherst Pheasant is the nearest competitor, other than the Indian Peafowl, to the golden Pheasant. Although recorded in 1829, it was not until 1874 that they were first bred. Unfortunately, almost all early importations seemed to have more cocks then hens. As a result of this, and probably more hybridization due to carelessness. There are not as many pure Lady Amherst Pheasant in captivity as might be wished. In the wild they come from further south in China then the Golden, but tend to live at higher altitudes in bamboo thickets.


Status in Captivity: Numerous, but not all pure.

Full Adults Plumage: Second Year

Egg Clutch Size: 6-12 Eggs

Incubation Period: 22 Days

Feeding Habits: Standard pheasant diet.