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Mikado Pheasant

(Syrmaticus Mikado) 


The Mikado Pheasant, while less colorful than most other species, is nevertheless a most attractive bird. The cock is predominantly a metallic blue-black color, with bars of white across the wing coverts, rump and tail, and prominent red wattles around the eye. They come only from the island of Taiwan where they live in the mountains at around 6,000 to 10,000 feet.

    While primarily a bird of thick forest, they seem able to adapt well to secondary bamboo growth. Although they are listed as an endangered species, they appear to be keeping their numbers fairly steady. Although Mikado's are no larger than other pheasants in the genus, their eggs are almost double in size.


Status In Captivity: Good

Full Adult Plumage: First Year

Egg Clutch Size: 5-10 Eggs

Incubation Period: 27 Days

Feeding Habits: Normal Pheasant Diet